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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Souls in an Everlasting Love
Dedicated to Erika (my bride)

Submitted by Timothy

Time is like a warm summer Hawaiian breeze. It is full of lust and takes you in its strong grasp. When you meet "The One", there is no doubt that even something as powerful as Time, stands still, even for a brief moment. When I met her, I knew it immediately. It was the moment when you realize that we spend our lives looking to re-connect with a soul that we met at another moment. It is in that brief second of realization that it all comes to you, you have met "The One". You stand there on Waikiki beach gazing into her eyes; she looks back at you. Then you see it; she realizes what you have been thinking. The connection starts as you move ever so closer. Everything else around you freezes, as you both become all that matters in the world. It is indescribable, unbelievable, and unreal. You ask yourself how can heaven appear to me on Earth here in Hawaii? But before you can answer, she speaks. "Have we met before" she curiously ponders. "Oh yes, I said" as we moved closer. "It seems that we have always known each other". She puts her fingers up to my lips and gestures no more. No more talking is needed. We know, we know. Love at first sight can not happen, you say? I say give it time, wait for "The One" and you will say, "You were right".

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