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Love Stories of Hawaii


Wishing for Warmth
Dedicated to Pw

Submitted by Anonymous

When I was a kid my favorite show was Hawaii50. I wanted to live in the city with Jack Lord and drive by those palm trees behind his police car. One might even run into Dano and fall in love and live happily ever after.

Hawaii seems along way away today. I married a policemen, but not Dano. We are married 25 years and have 4 lovely children. All teenagers. It makes for a busy life with little time or money for holidays. Hawaii seems so far away from the cold northern winds blowing in Canada. You stop by the travel agents display window and view the pictures of the lovely beaches of Hawaii with the azzure colors of blue skies and white sands. One can feel the warmth entering your body and imagine yourself on one of the surf boards flying into shore with not a care in the world. Winter climates can be a fun place but this time of year one longs for the feel of the warm sun beating down on your bare skin. How nice it would be to shed some layers of clothing and turn our white skin to brown again. Well its a wish today maybe and maybe reality tomorrow. We will be saving our loot for that special trip under the Hawaiian skies.

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