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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Love Will Lead You Back...
Dedicated to The Love of my Life

Submitted by Autumn

After a long and painful divorce I was becoming quite the loaner in my little appartment in the city with my big ol'pooch for my only company although it had been almost two years I had no interest in meeting anyone new I had only ever dated a handful of guys my first ultimate true love, a few rebound guys,and then I met my husband now ex. I was quite content with my life or so I thought I had become a nurse and was happy with my career I had two weeeks vacation that I had to use by the end of the year(because I had no life there was really no need to use my vacation time) Anyways my mother the big business typhoon was always on my case to get out and live a little. It was already November and I had two weeks of vacation that I had to use,my mom was packing her bags to head to Hawaii for a week on business she suggested I join her. She said it would do me good to get away. A little "girl" time. I was somewhat hesitant about the whole trip I had never flown before. But I thought what the heck it will probably do me good. So off we went. Well after 14 long hours in a plane we landed in Hawaii, it was more gorgeous than I had ever imagined. I was instantly in love with this place. We headed to our hotel to check in and get settled. From the airport to the hotel it seemed everywhere I looked was love. It was all around me, I was jealous. At that moment I realized how much I missed that wonderful feeling of love. Secluding myself from the world around me. Concealing myself off in my appartment with my dog. I had been hiding. After settling in my mom headed off to a conference for the afternoon and said she would meet up with me in a few hours for dinner. I headed to the pool for a refreshing dip and some of that hot island sun. As I lay there with a magazine over my face half asleep and relaxed I hear this very familiar voice but I couldn't place where I had heard it before. When I finally got the energy to get up I headed back to the room for a shower before dinner. That night while dining with my mom I heard a song in the restaurant that I had not heard for years it gave me butterflies in my stomach as it was a song that my very first true love and I had shared back in high school. How strange was that? And then it hit me it was his voice I heard today while snoozing at the pool. Wait a minute I thought that is virtually impossible. The next day while my mom was consumed with meetings all day I thought I would enjoy some of the sights of the island I went sightseeing and learned some history about the islands even though I had been extremely busy with activities during the day I often found myself thinking about him( my one true love) and I realized why I had not been satisfied in my love life since I was with him so many years ago.We went our separate ways after highschool because he wanted to go to school to be a marine biologist and there was no career opportunities in our area for that type of work as we lived in Maryland so he headed south for the coast in search for warmer weather and more job opportunities. I had never really let him go I was still madly in love with him. He was my soul mate. So I made up my mind when I returned home I was going to try to track him down. I figured he was probably married by now but if I didn't find out for sure I would always wonder. The next day my mom and I made plans for scuba diving as she had a free afternoon as we were boarding the boat with other tourists I was overcome with a feeling of happiness. There was about 14 of us on the boat and our instructor was explaining alot of the rules and things to expect while diving and he said since we had such a large group he wanted to split us up and use 7 of us with his intern that had recently just started giving diving lessons. Our instructor introduced him as not a native of the islands but someone with definite experience with marine life. He is a marine biologist from Florida that moved to Hawaii for a scenary change. Just then the intern came out, and it was him!!!! MY FIRST LOVE!!! At first I thought no way this is not happening until my mom said, Oh my God Autumn look who it is. Well if this is not fate I don't know what is. We instantly made eye contact I had massive butterflies in my stomach. We hugged for what seemed like hours and spent the rest of the day together after we went diving. We caught up on years we missed together turned out he never did marry. The rest of the week we spent in each others arms watching the sunset,swimming, driving around the island,and walking just talking about anything and everything. It happened I found it I found my true love... Again. It was wonderful. But soon the week was over and it was time for my mom and I to return home. So I went,I went back home and I packed all of my belongings and for the first time I was spontaneous I left my family,my job,and my quite little apartment. I took my big ol'pooch and we headed back to Hawaii Where my love waited for me. Three months to that day we were married on the beach at sunset.

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