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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

My Soldier Will Come Again
Dedicated to Lt. Joel M.

Submitted by Anonymous

A photo by the chirstmas tree is the only way I see his face. We are both smiling through the dread of him leaving again. Being separated for 6 tiring months is tough when you are in love. I tell myself this is the career he has chosen, this is who he is. I cannot change the fact that Joel is in the army. But if I could, I sure would. Of course the worry is there. Fearing for the life of someone you love is indescribable . Although I have that fear, it can't erase the pride I have when I talk about his job. He stands by his country, justice, the American people. For that I stand by him. I told Joel this the day after Christmas when he departed again. Standing With my tear- soaked face, he assures me he'll come back this summer to stay for a few months. He talks about planning a getaway to Hawaii. To me that would be a dream come true. It would be a worry- free excursion. I nod my head, no words to say, just a half smile. He leaves once again. Now alone, I look forward to framing a picture of us in Hawaii.

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