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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My parents' love
Dedicated to Joe and Sabina

Submitted by Anonymous

Over twenty years ago in the cold city of Fairbanks, Alaska, where the temperature drops down into the negative 50s Fahrenheit every winter my mother, Sabina, lived in her hometown taking care of my brother, Larry, who was just a little toddler. My mom had previously moved to Florida and got married but since then divorced and returned. She no longer wanted anything to do with men.

My mom would go to Bible Study with her friend Bill, and he asked her if she would meet his friend Joe. My mom refused, but she was poor and when Bill offered to buy her a burrito she acquiesced. My mom and Bill went to a little Christian cafe that no longer exists, and when Joe saw her it was love at first sight for him at least and he said, "You are the woman I'm going to marry." My mom thought he was a crazy man.

My dad, Joe, was originally from Maine, but had joined the army and had been stationed there. When my mom saw him at church she was amazed how all the children flocked to him. Instead of flowers my dad would buy canned mandarins and cottage cheese for my mother and brother. Mom still would not let him in her home even though he had no car and had to walk there to give her the dessert. My dad offered to buy her any coat she wanted because it was winter time and she did not own one herself. My mom said no, but she could not take the cold any longer and she asked him if his offer still stood. My mom picked out the most expensive down coat the store offered.

They held a little wedding ceremony and reception in my mom's apartment. My mom had asked my dad if they could spend their honeymoon in Hawaii. My dad told her yes. My name's Nicole, and I am twenty-one years old and am engaged to my wonderful sweetheart, Neil. My mother is even making the wedding dress herself. And do you know what? Here I am planning to spend my honeymoon in the beautiful paradise of Hawaii and enjoy these tropical island's natural riches in beauty, culture, and warmth.

My parents are no longer poor and have been very generous in helping fund and support our dream wedding and honeymoon. If this happens to be a winning story I would sincerely want you to let the prize to go to my parents because they have yet to spend their honeymoon in Hawaii, but have no future plans for it anytime soon.

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