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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaii beckoning...
Dedicated to My Love

Submitted by Anonymous

I can only dream
What a Hawaiian moon would be like
Would it play hide and seek with palm fronds
Or smile a crescent smile…
While we gaze at the stars…?

I can close my eyes and see the waves
Their upswings and downswings
While my own
Are forgotten and washed away
By the tide…and your touch…

Blue sky…I will see you again.
For Manhattan people see only
The lines upon the sky
The concrete against the canvas
The patches without holes.

Will nature play her music?
Her own rhythm of the blues
with the soft whispers of the wind..
While we gently rock on the sand…
to 'Hawaiian beats'...holding hands forever…?

Hawaii…that promised paradise...
Can weary lovers spin a thousand dreams
into a cocoon of silken waters
And come out smiling
on the sands of time…?

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