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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

The joke is on me
Dedicated to my dearest wife, Lena

Submitted by Hugo

About 6 years ago, a fun-loving gal at work named Judy had teased me about my dating habits or lack of same. I had just closed the book on a marriage of 14 years about 2 years earlier and was fairly burned out, emotionally. Even so, I was up to attempting a major trick on my friend, Judy.

I had begun to "meet women" on internet dating programs, and had just "met" a lady from Charleston, West Virginia who said she wanted to be entertained and spoiled, and wanted to meet someone who would love her two dogs. She also mentioned a male friend, who was a good, but platonic friend of hers. Clearly, this lady had a sense of humor, and didn't follow the typical approaches of writing about quiet walks in the woods, sitting by the fireplace and other romantic settings. Lena, it turned out, was a no nonsense attorney, who came from a large coal miner's family of 11 kids, and had worked hard to get where she was.

While I had yet to meet Lena, I thought she might be willing to assist me with a plan to trick my playful colleague, Judy. I asked Lena to call in and tell Judy that she accepted my proposal for marriage, and that she (Lena) would be happy to receive a diamond ring from Tiffany.

As it turned out, Lena received all of these e-mail messages at work, where her administrative assistant and personal secretary were in on the communications. They were greatly amused by my sense of humor and talked Lena into not only participating in the scheme, but into meeting with me for a live date.

The scheme worked so well, that Judy believed it to the point of keeping it confidental from the rest of the work force at the college. This frustrated me, since I had hoped she would start some gossip that would be obviously wrong.

Finally, Lena did come to Virginia Tech for a football game, and we had our first date, with my son, her and myself at the game. It was love at first sight for me, and about 6 months later, we married on the beach at Mekena, Maui, in Hawaii.. We are about to celebrate our 4th anniversary at the same Makena beach site on March 3rd, 2004. This time, my daughter and son-in-law, and 2 of Lena's sisters will be there, as well, to enjoy the wonders of Hawaii with us.

This elaborate scam was successful beyond my wildest dreams, except I was the victim of my own devices. Judy still grins about my "trick" and so do I. The Lord had a hand in this, for sure. Love is grand, and Lena and I are so blessed in our togetherness. We are also so pleased we married in such a beautiful place as Mekena Beach in Hawaii.

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