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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Love Again
Dedicated to Mike

Submitted by Anonymous

I first meet my fiancÚ Mike 9 years ago when he became a transfer student at the college where I work. From the first I knew he was special and we developed a strong friendship. According to him I flirted with him on the very first day. We were close in age and had a lot in common. The day he graduated he worked up the nerve to kiss me and it was electrifying. Unfortunately I was married and nothing came of that first kiss. He started working and began a relationship with another woman. We drifted apart but I occasionally heard about him through mutual friends. I was glad he had found someone but always wondered what if.

A few years later he called me up to say hello. My marriage had ended the year previously when my husband found someone else. As it turns out Mike's relationship had also ended and he wanted to renew our friendship. We began working together as friends. Both of us are artists and we made several public art sculptures together. We worked almost every day for 6 months. After the project was completed we did not see each other for about two months. I think it was then that we both realized how important our connection to each other really was. Oddly enough I think the 9/11 tragedy helped us both to decide that being alone was no longer an option. That while we were both scared to try love again there is no better time to try than now, since you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Mike showed up at my job and starting quizzing me about what I did and did not like about him, and told me what he did and did not like about me as well. He was testing to see if I felt as strongly about him. We talked for a long time, even continued the conversation later that night on the phone. He eventually asked me out and we started to date. We were both shy and did not want to get our hearts broken. But once again when we kissed it was magic, just like in a fairy tale. We have been together now for over two years and just bought a house and want to get married as soon as we can. While technically I was the teacher it was Mike who taught me to trust and love again. It would give me great pleasure to be able to give him his hearts desire to visit Hawaii for our honeymoon.

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