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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Finally Found
Dedicated to My first love

Submitted by Anonymous

Well I met him when I was 13 years old. He came down from Ohio with a friend. It was puppy love. We were together every day and we fell asleep on the phone with each other every night. But then the end of summer came and he had to go. We stayed in touch through letters and long distance phone calls for awhile, but eventually lost touch.

Through every relationship I had, I seemed to always compare them to him. I would think of him often, figuring 11 years later he surely doesnt remember me. Then one day I was flipping through an old address book, of my mothers, I found his name and phone number. I called and spoke to his father. "Hi I'm looking for Patrick. I'm Maria, an old friend of his from Florida. We met a long time ago. He probably doesnt remember me, but I just want to ....Excuse me dear, the man says. But he does remember you. He gave me specific instructions when he joined the air force. That if a girl named Maria from Florida calls to give her his number." My heart just stopped. He does remember.

So I got his number and I called him immediately. "Hello. Um...hi may I speak to Patrick? This is him. Hi Patrick, you probably dont remember me, but...Maria? is that you? Yes, how did you know? I've been waiting for you.

Again, my heart stops and my eyes well up with tears. I'm speechless. I've waited all this time to hear his voice, but yet I cannot speak. "Are you still there?"he asks. "yes, i'm still here. I just cant believe I'm speaking to you" "So I take it, you've spoken to my dad?" "yes"

The hours went by without us even noticing. We talked and laughed and even cried a little. Both of sharing with each other the many times we've thought about one another since that summer long ago. Our conversations always leave us feeling we want more, so everyday we call and talk for hours on end. Then one day we realize we have to meet. I fly to meet him, he's stationed in Hawaii. I step off the plane and look around, but I dont see that young boy I knew long ago. My heart saddens, but just for a moment. Out of nowhere thhere in front of me stood this man that I've imagined, even dreamed about for 18 years. Handsome, gorgeous green eyes and the sexiest smile I've ever seen. He scoops me up with his big strong arms and holds me tight. Finally, I'm at home. During that first visit he surprised me with a ring and asked me to never leave his side and become his wife. I barely let him finish his question before answering yes. One year later we were married and now getting ready to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. I love you, Patrick!

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