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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My True Love
Dedicated to Ronnie

Submitted by Anonymous

On the east coast, with a cold January morning winter out my window, I recall warm days in Hawaii. I recall familiar childhood days filled with warmth and laughter. Of days of growing up where time seemed to pass by slowly. Years have passed since I left my youth and my Hawaii.

I first saw Ronnie at the new ice skating rink called Ice Palace just down the road from the Aloha Stadium. I had never been to an ice skating rink and my first visit was spent familiarizing myself with the new surroundings and the blue rubber rental skates among the excitement of the grand opening. He was working there as a "skate guard" but I never really noticed him until weeks later after my friends and I had declared the new ice rink a "cool place to hang out at!"

Every Friday and Saturday nights we'd all meet up at the Ice Palace. Most times I walked in and my friends were already on the ice. The place was decked out like a discotheque. There was a mirrored ball hanging from the center of the ceiling, pulsating lights, and a DJ playing the top hits of the week. Everyone was skating in a counterclockwise direction as the music blared through the speakers. As I stood at the edge of the ice, leaning against the boards and talking with my friends, he skated by. Ronnie worked as a skate guard at the Ice Palace part time. He skated with so much ease and he wasn't wearing those blue rubber rental skates or hockey skates. But rather, he was wearing black figure skates. He could skate backwards and on one foot too! He was tall, dark, very handsome, and he caught my eye!

Over the months I spent time with Ronnie and got to know him. I found out later why his hair was cut so short. He was in the Army and stationed out of Schofield Barracks in Wahiawa. He had played as a goalie in high school and had traded in his hockey skates for figure skates after being stationed in Colorado. And his true passion was golf!

It's been over 21 years since that first day Ronnie caught my eye. We had fallen in love in Hawaii. And we married in the beautiful Waimea Falls Park on Oahu among ohana, friends and on-looking tourists. We now make our home on the east coast of the USA. We have two children who everyday remind us of our happy union. As for my true love? Ronnie still takes my breath away like he did when I first saw him in Hawaii!

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