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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

It Began So Simply
Dedicated to My husband, Duram

Submitted by Anonymous

When we met, both of us were emerging from overcoming high hurdles in an effort to feel on keel again. He had weathered the death of his infant son and the resulting unravelling of his first marriage, and I was on the other side of bandaging my wounds after my husband left to return to his first wife. One could say we were two train wrecks facing life again after coming out of a shop for broken hearts.

Determined not to have our relationship defined or bonded through our sorrows, we put our toe in the water again by consciously deciding to build our own memories with intent to find happiness-through-doing. What did we "do?" We etched a plan to celebrate our emerging future by exploring Hawaii.

Launching this grand scheme, the online trading post, eBay, became our best friend. We began to bid on and purchase all things Hawaiian. It began slowly, at first, with a souvenier plate from the fifties. Then came the mugs, hula dolls, Okelehao decanters, decals, World War II pillow tops, sarongs, T-shirts, old sheet music with Hawaiian hula flappers on the covers, maps, wall art, koa wood serving pieces, pottery etched with palm fronds, plate-settings from the Hilton on Waikiki, yellowing travel brochures, Matson Steamship Company menu covers, and all things pineapple, macadamia, poi, and sugar cane.

Our homes slowly became a shrine to boxes and bubble wrap. He joked "If this Hawaii fetish continues much longer, there'll never be enough budget to ever travel." Undeterred, we built a polynesian library buying copies of books written by Hawaiians, about Hawaiians, for Hawaiians. We subscribed to "Hawaii" magazine. We placed a "Hang Loose" logo on the fridge. We discovered and gathered old post cards of Hawaii we found in nearby antique shops. Finding ancient copies of "Paradise of the Pacific" magazine made us drool with joy. We named our new cat, Duke, after the legendary surfer, and our dog is, Trader Vic.

Every step of the way in this self-assigned effort to collect all things Hawaiian, my "fella" was in there with me sharing a growing interest and enthusiasm. "If ever we really get there, we will be among the most pre-educated tourists to stumble off the airplane," he said, laughing at his own absurdity.

It's been seven years since we met and we've been collecting Hawaiiana since early on when we promised ourselves we'd make new wonderful, loving memories together. Four years ago we married, and while work schedules prevented any Hawaiian honeymoon, we hold dear our dream to celebrate there our joy in having found each other. It is so true that a gift is in the journey as much as it is in the destination, for we have created from our dreams our unique Hawaiian bond and our collection of Hawaiiana is as uniquely "ours" as is our love for one another.

My husband mentions to friends and family all the time, that when we do go to Hawaii, we will bring very little luggage, "because we already have all the souveniers the house will hold!"

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