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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Here We Come Hawaii
Dedicated to K.t.

Submitted by Anonymous

I nervously shivered when I saw him. It had been nearly seven years since his lips had touched mine. Kenneth had always held a special place in my heart. We had been high school sweethearts. But, after graduation, we went our separate ways. His path led him to graduate from podiatry school while my path led me to marry, become a mom, teach, and, eventually divorce.

Kenneth still had his amazing smile and intriguing spirit. He still had the ability to make me smile and make me laugh. And, after a year of getting to know him all over again, he has become my best friend.

Kenneth is doing a residency in California and I teach high school math in New Mexico. We visit each other when we can. Distance can be a very hard thing, but we talk almost every night. We miss each other terribly and often joke and dream about having a romantic rendevouz where we'd be sipping a Mai Tai in Hawaii, while watching a sunset. We'd forget about work, children, the nuiances of a busy life for a weekend to enjoy each other and lay lazily on the beach. Hey, it's a dream....but my dream of having the most wonderful person to love has already come we come!!

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