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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Spin Cycle
Dedicated to Jon Rick Smedley

Submitted by Bonnie

In 1980, Lynn meets Rick at the Student Union hall of the local University. The attraction was instant and friendship blossomed into romance. Lynn and Rick went to lunch for their first date but Rick brought along his laundry. Lynn did not find this too romantic and did not go out on any further dates but remained good friends with Rick. Even after transferring to another school, the friends still thought of one another. Lynn returned to the same University after a soured relationship and whom does she run into on the way back on the greyhound bus but none other than Rick. She poured out her heart and Rick committed himself to protecting Lynn during the next year of college.

After graduation, the two friends went their separate ways and lost contact with one another. Lynn always wondered what became of Rick and still carried a flame in her heart for him even though she married someone else. Twenty years later, Lynn registers under and whom does she find there but none other than Rick. Lynn writes Rick and they renew their friendship and reunite in Florida. There their friendship blooms into romance setting both their hearts into a spin cycle. They dream of becoming lifelong traveling companions where they will visit Hawaii and spend romantic nights walking its beaches under the glow of a romantic moon and stars.

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