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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Hawaii
Dedicated to Gary Dylan

Submitted by Caroline

When I think of Hawaii, I think of him. We didn't go there together, or meet there, but he did grow up there. I remember thinking how fitting it was for someone so beautiful to have grown up in a state that I've always thought of as the definition of everything beautiful. He used to tell me of the undiscovered beauty of the Islands, the hidden wilderness away from all of the tourist spots. The amazing waterfalls and the scents in the air. He promised to show me everything he spoke of...someday.

When I think about him I always remember his eyes. They seemed to have captured the sparkle of the ocean reflecting the sun, such an intense blue that it still stands in my memory. I think of those eyes every time I glimpse the ocean. He was and is, my ideal, my dream man who slipped into and then out of my life leaving a simmering smile at the mere though of him. I have no picture of him, but the image of him is sitll sharp in my mind. The thought of his smile, touch, easy charm and warmth still makes my cheeks tinge pink. I know I'll see him again, someday he'll waltz back into my world.

Maybe he's waiting for me, out there on the horizon, sitting on a beach thinking of me. Hoping that I'll find him under that tree or right beneath that waterfall. His spirit calls to me, sings Hawaii in my ear at night, filling my dreams with the knowledge that someday I'll have him in my life once more.

Until then all I have is the memory of his ocean eyes and his promise to me...of Hawaii.

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