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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Never-Ending Happiness
Dedicated to My Princess

Submitted by Shannon

I have only been in love with two women in my life. The first ended shortly after high school due to us not being ready. I never married. I honestly never expected to fall in love again and was doing my best to stay away from any complications. When I joined the military I ended up being stationed in Hawaii for four years. I had a couple of girlfriends with nothing serious until a woman who is as beautiful inside as out came into my life. I fell for her the second I saw her but did not have the nerve to tell her. I was lucky enough to have mutual friends and she went to a beach called Hapuna on the Big Island with us. The beautiful Hawaiian beach, Palm Trees and ocean just opened up a conversation between us and two weeks later we were engaged. We were married at Nani Mau gardens outside Hilo in 1992 and I have been the happiest man alive since that day. I cannot put into words the joy that living in the islands for such a short period of my life has brought me. I will only say that I will always have a special place in my heart for the beauty of the land and people of Hawaii.

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