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Love Stories of Hawaii


It's All Worth It
Dedicated to my husband, Stuart

Submitted by Beverly

Has it only been 3 years since I fell in love with Hawaii? The fliht was 10 hours(ten long hours) each way,and the cruise gave us but a taste of 4 islands.We even had to visit Fanning Island, taking 3 days away from Paradise, but we became forever enamoured with the most wonderful place in the world.

A year later we took the "children" - 2 girls age 29 and 32 - to meet the new love of our lives. Being frugal, we all were in the same cabin. Talk about closeness.... They,too, were hooked on the object of our affection.

Last year there was a wedding to pay for (could one of the girls have been smitten by the romance of our favorite place?)
No vacation,just dreams of the future. Wish the wedding could have been at Fern Grotto.

Our 6 day trip to Maui is booked, and there's a time-share speech to hear, but by hook or by crook, Hawaii, "We're coming!"

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