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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

And Then There Was Hawaii...
Dedicated to The love of my life, my husband.

Submitted by Kelley

She was 28. She had been married to a man she thought she loved for nearly 10 years. High school can be a confusing time, and like so many, she wed to her high school sweetheart. Of course, the beginning was new and exciting. The "honeymoon" phase was great! But then, life seemed to get in the way. He was gone working in the city from sun up to sun down. It seemed the two were strangers living under the same roof. No touching, no kissing. He left for work without giving her so much as a wave goodbye. Their 10-year anniversary only 3 days away, but love was 9 years too late. She sat on the bed. She glanced over to the picture of their wedding day. So happy and so in love, however, unaware of what the future would hold. Suddenly, he appeared at the door. He too had been crying. He knelt down beside her. He gently held and kissed her hand. He pulled two airline tickets from his pocket and said, "And then there was Hawaii". The love they thought was lying cold and dead somewhere in their hearts rushed back filling their bodies with the warmth and joy it had 10 years ago. They were like a couple just starting their lives together. The touching and kissing that seemed to be nonexistent was all they could do. They renewed their vows in the Fern Grotto as the sun was getting ready to set. They felt like newlyweds. And in some ways, they were.

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