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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaii Aloha
Dedicated to My Wife, Kanani

Submitted by Frank

I was still in the Army and just returned from the Korean War Zone, to my suprise I was assigned to spend the remaining 6 months of my time at the Letterman Army hospital in San Francisco, Being given the job of running the message center there I was busy & not knowing anyone, kinda lonely, however one of the female soldiers working with me wanted to introduce me to one of her friends, but being kinda bashful I first had her pointed out to me by her in the mess hall, WOW, she was beautiful & she was Hawaiian, so introductions were done & this was the start of a beautiful joining together, within a few months we were married, in fact on a 3 day pass we drove to Reno, Nevada & tied the knot, BUT I reenlisted for another 3 years & got reassigned to Japan.... My wife had to return home to HAWAII, pregnant with our first child, this was the beginning of my being accepted into the Hawaiian Family... after my tour of Japan, where my wife joined me there for 2 years, & where we had our 2nd child, we returned to Hawaii to live, I was accepted as a member of the Hawaiian family, or as they call it the "Ohana", thus began a truly remarkable life for me, being a "Haoli",( or hawaiian for White Man,) I started working for local companies & after a few months I really got dark & tan, and being with the locals I spoke their language & was accepted by most as a local as a Portagee, or Portugese person, and Hawaii isn't just lovely scenery, it's the people & their love & caring for each other, I witnessed the Hawaiian Way of life, every weekend my wife's family, and now My family, gathered at the parents house in Haula for the weekend & this was always a meeting of good talk, singing Hawaiian songs & also great food or as they say "kau Kau" I was originally from Philadelphia, & never witnessed such caring & togetherness as was shown by the Hawaiians....thus we've been married now for 51 years, we had to move to Philadelphia but our hearts & minds are with our family back in Hawaii, there is NO place like the Islands & it's people, and as they say...... Aloha Nui Loa & Malama Pono

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