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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love of My Life
Dedicated to Kenny

Submitted by Tricia

From the moment I looked into his soft, laughing, hazel eyes on an October night 24 years ago I knew he was the one for me. His easy, delightful sense of humor put me at ease right away and I immediately felt like I had known him forever. He was a country boy, born and raised in West Texas. This animated boy had ginger- colored freckles (he claimed of course that these were most definitely angel kisses) and hair the color of ripe persimmon that curled up below the edge of his well-worn baseball cap. It was nothing but blue jeans and cowboy boots for this down home Texas boy. I was a Baptist preacher's kid who was swept off her feet by the excitement and energy that spilled over whenever he was around. My dad married us at our hometown church in Lubbock, Texas, four years later. Since we were both working part-time hours and attending college (Kenny was paying most of his own tuition) we couldn't afford an expensive honeymoon. However, on our trip to Dallas, Texas, for a three night stay at the Marriott Hotel we felt like two kids in a candy store! From that point on we began our journey through life together not only as husband and wife, but best friends as well. As most couples do, Kenny and I have had our challenges in life, but going through them together has only made us stronger and closer. In September 2002, three children later, as Kenny was coaching our 12 year old son's baseball team he had a seizure and was rushed to the emergency room. Test results confirmed that Kenny had a brain tumor. Through many prayers, the help and love of family and friends, excellent medical care, and most of all God's grace, Kenny is doing well at this time. This man has been an unbelievable inspiration to all who have the pleasure of meeting him, never having known a stranger. I look at him now and still see that same boy that I fell in love with and married so long ago. Because of him, I believe I am a better person. This August will be our 20th wedding anniversary. A vacation in Hawaii has always been something that we have dreamed of and talked about, but it has not been quite within our grasp. Being able to sit on the beaches of Hawaii and watch the sunset with the love of my life would be... well... a dream come true! I would love to see my freckle-faced husband holding a grandchild in his lap one day down the road of our life and listen to him tell the beautiful story of our trip to the great islands of Hawaii!

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