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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Never in Paradise together
Dedicated to Renee

Submitted by Gary

My love, how I long for the day that we can spend in Hawaii together. We have both been there, but never together. Marriage and three children with special needs have kept us away from a tropical paradise. Alas, in 1995 I won a trip to Hawaii, but due to moving and the demands placed on you by a daughter who needs 24 hour care, I went with my brother and left you behind in the cold April rains of Oregon. Oh, how I missed the walks we could have enjoyed on the beach. Oh, how I missed the romantic candlelit dinners we could have enjoyed together. The dancing, the snorkeling and the magic of Hawaii has escaped us for over 20 years. I long for the love we have treasured for 23 years to transform in the warm tropical sun of Hawaii. To bask in the sun by day and the moon by night in the arms of the woman I love. The beautiful bride, the devoted companion and a mother without equal, you are everything to me.

Oh how I loved you when we met at the lodge and how the love transformed us on our wedding day. Through the years and through the tears you have remained faithful and without compare. Through the birth of a disabled daughter and the struggle of childhood cancer with our youngest you remained vigilant. You, who has asked for nothing but love. Expected nothing but love

I envision you and I in the tropical paradise of Hawaii letting the sun melt away our cares and the moon envelope us in its glow. Together, forever, and in love...

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