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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Waikiki Honeymoon
Dedicated to Michele

Submitted by John

We gazed through the open sliding glass door of our hotel room's lanai at the sparkling sun-dappled ocean rolling blue and green into the distant horizon. Neither of us wanted this moment to end. We wished we could lay like this forever, resting on our honeymoon bed wrapped only in each other's arms. It was another perfect day in the paradise that was Waikiki, made more perfect by our love and our commitment to each other, expressed so happily in the wedding ceremony that morning. We had stood on the golden sands behind the Duke's outstretched arms and pledged our love as the palms waved gently in the warm sea breezes that kissed and caressed all the islands of Hawaii. And for us this moment would never end. Some part of our hearts and our memory would always return to this place and this time, again and again. But for now time had stopped for us and we were simply happy as only those in love can be when the sun is shining, the air is warm and fragrant with tropical flowers, the sea shines and sparkles, and we are together.

That's the moment I will always remember. That afternoon on the day my wife Michele and I were wed twenty-five years ago this last December. Since then we've raised two sons. We've had joy and sadness, happiness and grief. We've shared good days and bad, but our love has survived all that life has thrown our way. On some grey mornings when we're just waking up to the sound of rain pattering on the windows, we spend just a little while longer together recall that sunny afternoon of timeless love.

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