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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Buy Me
Dedicated to Those who love with a pure heart

Submitted by Jackie

Buy Me.....
Don't send me masses of red roses wrapped in vulgar ribbons.....
but let us escape to Hawaii.....the land of love.
Take me to the beach....and hand me the sunshine....we'll watch the sunset and continue holding each other till the sun rises again.
We'll have a picnic on the beach and have a feast just by being with each other.
Be silent.....and we'll have a long conversation with our eyes.
The rythem of the waves will become my heartbeat for you.....
like footprints left on my heart that never can be washed away.
Find me some trifling thing I can imperfect shell.
Why are the trifles the most costly.....almost unattainable?
Is it because they cost your time, your thoughts, your self?
Give them to me and I will never want to look past you.
Can you afford me?

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