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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

True Commitment
Dedicated to Mike

Submitted by Peggy

Our love story started August 7, 1981. In spite of the fact that we lived 2500 miles apart, God was in the process of bringing two lives together. We met at a party in Yakima, Washington where I lived. Mike was on vacation from Texas. When I came to the party, it was the first time my eyes met Mike's and the rest is history. We have now been married twenty one years and have been blessed by God with four wonderful children.

Here is where true love and commitment was demonstrated. In March of 1995, I became sick with a very bad flu. After three weeks I thought I had recovered. In June of that same year all of my symptoms re-occurred. I felt dizzy, had overwhelming fatigue and ache ness, and eventually I developed sleeping problems. After seeking an answer from many doctors, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) and was told there was no known cure. During the eight years of my illness, my husband has had to do so much around the house and with the children because I have been unable to. We have had a very difficult time coping with my illness. I sometimes wondered if my husband was sorry that he had married me. At one point I even told him to divorce me and marry a healthy person, which he did not even consider.

In April of 2002, my husband and I went to Hawaii for our 20th anniversary. We stayed in Maui for five days and then spent two days in Kauai. The first night in Kauai was our anniversary and my husband surprised me by pre-arranging to have our wedding vows renewed. While preparing to go out for dinner, my husband asked to take my picture near the ocean. We walked down to the beach to find a good spot for the picture. We kept walking as I thought "isn't this good enough". We finally came to a park where we were met by a pastor dressed in white who Mike introduced as Jim. He then explained that Jim was there to preside over our wedding vow renewal. We then met Jim's wife and Kimo who were there to provide music for our ceremony. Pastor Jim provided a wonderful service as we stood looking out over the ocean. Mike had written new vows for the occasion and he spoke them to me. Mike provided me with a copy of my original vows from our wedding which I spoke to him. Jim's wife then serenaded us with wonderful Hawaiian music. That meant more to me than words can possibly express. I have struggled a lot with guilt over being sick, but here my husband was renewing what he originally promised - in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

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