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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Gentle Little Flower
Dedicated to My Wife

Submitted by Zachary

The year was 1969 and I was on RR from Vietnam in Hawaii, a two week break from the war. I didn't have any family to meet me, so I just enjoyed the sites of the island by myself. My first evening in Hawaii, I attended a Luau/mixer that was sponsored by the USO. There I met a beautiful dark eyed young lady, whose long brown hair was decorated with a white and purple orchid. Immediately we connected. Every day I would bring her a white and purple orchid to wear, I nicknamed her my gentle little flower, because she reminded me of that orchid, so beautiful and so gentle. We spent the next thirteen days touring the island. Every evening we strolled along the same stretch of sandy beach, coming to rest on the grassy park outside Ft. Derrussy, where we would watch the night turn to day. Finally the day came when I had to return to Vietnam, it was heartbreaking to leave her, but we vowed to keep in touch. We wrote back and forth faithfully, each one causing us to fall deeper and deeper in love. Then the letters stopped. I couldn't understand it, everything was going so well. I finished my tour of duty and returned to my hometown. The years had passed so quickly, I received a letter in the mail. I was invited to a survivors reunion, in Hawaii. I couldn't believe that it had been twenty five years already. The reunion was great, it was nice to meet up with old friends after so many years. That evening I went for a midnight stroll, along that same stretch of beach, remembering my gentle little flower, and my fallen comrades. I came to rest at our spot, layed down and shut my eyes. A short time later, I sat up and there she was. I stood and could not believe my eyes, we embraced, sobbing. She explained that after she recieved that last letter from me, my name mistakenly appeared on a KIA sheet that was published. As it turned out she never left the island, and like me never married.

We spent the next week together. Catching up, remembering. But I could not bring myself to leave her again, so I asked her to marry me. We were married and she returned to the mainland with me. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary next year in 2004.

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