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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Write from the Heart
Dedicated to Alan & Lois - Truly a love story

Submitted by Lois

It all began on a cold Veteran's Day weekend. Work was closed for the holiday so I drove up north to see my parents. I dreaded going back home this time; the last time I was there ended with the breakup of the man I thought, 'was the answer to my prayers'. Four months later I was still wallowing in self pity.

Over the weekend I caught myself sinking into depression about the past. I got in my car, started driving and crying my heart out. I realized the only good thing that came out of that relationship were the new friendships I made. Alan was one of them. After an hour of crying, I collected myself and there in front of me was Alan's house. He always made me feel welcome, so I stopped in. The visit cheered me up and upon my leaving, he asked me out to dinner.

That night was almost magical. He was different from anyone I'd ever kind hearted, gentle and passionate about life. He made me laugh again.

During the next few weekends we took turns traveling to see each other. Each time we had to say goodbye was almost unbearable. We coudn't stand to be apart. Finally, after 6 weeks of dating he asked me to marry him.

Now comes the hard part. Telling my parents that I just got engaged to a man I had only been dating for 6 weeks. Mom has always been a rather negative and opinionated individual and I was sure this would not go over well. Alan suggested we buy them ice cream cones (dad's favorite) & bring them in celebration of our announcement. The ice cream was well received and then came the news. I was cringing as the words came out, prepared for the yelling that would surely ensue.

Much to my shock, she jumped up and hugged me, and said she was so happy for us. Weird, this was not like my mother. Then she took me aside & said, "this is the answer to my prayers"! "What are you talking about,", I replied? "Well", she continued,"I've been praying that God would send the right person into your life & that when it happens you would know for sure in your heart who it is." I was speechless. What an amazing gift she gave us. That we would be brought together by God, through her prayers!

Shortly after our engagement Alan sent me brochures on Hawaii, with a note, "Good morning Babe, I love you very much. I'll be thinking of you everyday & anticipating the end of the work week, when I can kiss you and hold you in my arms again...till then pick an island and dream of us alone on the beach on our honeymoon".

We continued traveling to see each other on weekends but the harsh Michigan winters made it dangerous. We couldn't stand to be apart any longer & decided to get married as soon as possible. Ten weeks after our first date, January 11, 1980 became the happiest day of the rest of my life.

We never did make it to Hawaii, but as long as we're together, anywhere is Paradise!

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