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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Iraq mishap
Dedicated to My hard working loving husband

Submitted by Jeanette

My husband of 11 years was deployed to Iraq in April of 2003 and I made myself believe it was just another normal deployment. We were unable to talk for over 2 months after his arrival to Iraq and I started to believe I would'nt hear from him for a very long time. I called a spouse whose husband was in my husband's unit and learned that she had just received a telephone call from her husband and that our husbands were safe and alive but not under the most comfortable of conditions. He was in weather of 105 degrees and moving rapidly with his unit to undisclosed locations. I remember saying goodbye before my husband deployed to Iraq and he was only concerned of my health--I had been feeling nauseated and weak. Little did I know of the following trauma my life would lead me to in the next couple of months. I ended up in Minesotta at the Mayo Clinic due to the recommendations of my sister who lived in Wisconsin. I found out that I had fibromyalgia, pharangitis, liver disfunctions, Gerd disease, a Hiatal Hernia, and a demyelinating disease (perhaps MS or a brain tumor) I am still being diagnosed currently. My husband was allowed to come home from Iraq and visit me in Wisconsin where I had to rent an apartment. We own a home and live in Colorado. I am grateful to his unit who allowed him to stay back in Colorado instead of returning to Iraq, (where he was shot at almost every day), although he is working in Colorado while I am in Wisconsin, we can see each other occasionally when our finances allow us. We have both learned very quickly what life is about and how important it is to live each day as if it were our last, even if we are apart for now. Our communication device is through email and it is a blessing to hear from him every day and to tell him how much I love him. Well, I just found out that my husband is going to retire (He's been in the Army for 20 years). He will be selling our home in Colorado and relocating to Wisconsin to help me manage the many doctors appointments that have taken over my days. I am losing my coordination skills and vision and trying to cope with all of the new symptoms that I feel each day. Pray for us and a quick reunion. Iraq to a mishap!!! When we do reunite, please help me make my husband's dream come true by sending him to Hawaii, he deserves so much for serving his country and his family with such commitment & grace.

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