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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

A Hawiian Dream With a Twist
Dedicated to Eric Duncan

Submitted by Kimberly

It all started on April 11th 2002, when a wonderful man proposed to me. On that night we began to dream about our wedding and where we wanted to go on our honeymoon. Eric told me I could pick anywhere in the world and he would take me there. So I chose Hawaii. The year that followed turned out to be full of surprises. Of course like all newly engaged people we began to plan our wedding.

One of the first things was to pick a date. I was a full time student at the time and my husband to be was a Sargent in the Army stationed in Vilseck, Germany, so it made for some rather lengthy long distance phone calls. He was scheduled to return to the United States in August of 2002, and he would be stationed in Colorado Springs, CO, only 5 short hours from where I live and went to school in Grand Junction, CO, for the remainder of his enlistment.

We set the date for the first weekend in August of the next year. When I began to spread the word to my family we came across a problem. My brother, who is a US Marine, said his overseas float to the Mediterranean got changed from December to March and that meant he wouldn't be back until September or October and therefore he would miss the wedding. Now, not only did I have to contend with the Army telling me when I could get married the Marines had to put there two cents in too. So we came to a compromise and agreed on February 15th 2003.

Now the only person inconvenienced was me because it was the middle of my 4th semester of Nursing school, but I was up for the challenge. So with the help of our families we set the plan in motion. Things went together smoothly throughout the fall and winter. Since I would be in school we decided to take a short honeymoon here in Colorado and a longer one over spring break. So we made arrangements for that and as the first of the year rolled around, Eric and I had a decision to make. Booking a trip to Hawaii was risky business with the situation in Iraq and my class load so we agreed to put the trip on hold until I got out of school, we were more stable financially and we were sure there wasn't going to be a war.

The plans for the wedding came together very nicely and we all arrived in my home town of Cortez, CO on Thursday and began to set up for the big day. Friday afternoon Eric was working on the wedding cake ( he's a wonderful chef and decided to take on the task of making our cake) when he got a phone call from his roommate in Colorado Springs. Since Eric had left on Wednesday they had gotten their deployment orders, and they would be shipping out soon. The call came and Eric only told one person the news, his mom. Knowing how important the wedding was, and how I would react he chose not to mention it to me( and I am very thankful).

The wedding went off almost perfectly and on Saturday afternoon we became husband and wife. The Monday following the wedding we were on our two day honeymoon when the second call came that said his leave would be cut short and he needed to get back by Wednesday. He chose this opportunity to share the news that he was leaving with me. He promised me that when he came home he was going to take me to Hawaii for a real honeymoon.

We enjoyed what was left of our short time together and then went in different directions. I had to go back to school and he had to report back to post. For seven weeks we commuted back and forth on weekends, spending every possible moment together. And on April 11th exactly one year from the day he proposed I said goodbye to my husband, not knowing when I would see him again. We have been married now for almost nine months months and seven of those he has been overseas. We still don't know when he is coming home but are hoping for sometime in December. February 15th 2004 will be our first anniversary and I would give anything to be able to give my husband the one gift he wanted so badly to be able to give to me.

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