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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Hawaii: A place to create memories
Dedicated to Second Chance Lovers, Everywhere

Submitted by Francine

If you look only at our faces, you would know that we are no longer young, but if you could see what we feel inside you would know that we are young at heart.

Less than a year ago, our lives came together purely by accident. What were life-altering experiences for each of us, a death of a spouse and a divorce, ultimately proved to be the very foundation upon which our love would grow.

As our lives came together, we discovered that it was both a challenge and a gift to build a new relationship later in life. The challenge is that we each bring a history with us: a history filled with cherished memories that can often compete with our new experiences. The gift is that we have learned from our history and know it is possible to build a wonderful new life upon its foundation. Together, we are learning to create new memories, a new history.

I can think of no greater place to help us build new memories than beautiful Hawaii. Neither of us has visited the islands, but we have heard so many incredible stories from friends that we know it would be our loss if we were to miss this opportunity.

Each day we have a chance to write a new chapter in our personal histories, a chance to create new memories. I hope someday we are able to look back upon our history and recall the cherished memories from our trip to Hawaii.

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