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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Home is where the Island is
Dedicated to Our daughter KONA

Submitted by Zachary

I had finally been given my dream assignment, a transfer to the Hawaiian Islands. What every young man from the North East yearns for "paradise" What I did't realize was how great an impact, Hawaii would have on my soul. I was scheduled to be in Hawaii for 4 years. My family and I made the most of this tour, we simply engulfed ourselves in the Hawaiian culture. The sights, the language the people. We really felt like we were home. Traveling so often in the military, home was always a distant word in our vocabulary, but we found it here. My tour was cut short by the war on terrorism, I was recalled to the unit from where I came, and was sent to the Middle East. I packed my many trinkets in with my gear, tiki's and such (for good luck). I kept a photo of my familiy and a post card of Diamond Head in my helmet. When I felt down, I would pull out both and remember. Sometimes I would sit in the sand facing the sun and close my eyes, the intense brightness of the day would blind me and I would then be able to put my memories into visions, my family and myself in Hawaii, enjoying the beach. One of my fondest memories was when I was teaching my wife how to float in the water. It was the early morning hours and we were the only ones on the beach. I held her in a horizontal position in the water as I faced Diamond Head, the water was cool but the morning sun warmed our faces. Then I would open my eyes, but the realities of war were still there. Many weeks had passed, I received a letter, my wife and I had talked about returning to Hawaii for vacation when I came back and had also been considering moving to the islands, in a few years when I retired. The next day I was involved in a fire fight, we were pinned down and I was hit, I could not believe it, I felt as if my life was slipping away and blacked out. I awoke many days later in a hospital, only to find out that life may not be same. I was hurt bad, my military career was over, I received a medical discharge. With a miniature tiki on my dog tags and a lei around my neck, I spent the next several months in rehabilitation, regaining the use and strength back in my legs and arms. Through it all My wife and I always agreed that when the rehabilitation was over we would return to Hawaii and renew our wedding vows. But I'm afaid that with the cut in our income because of the discharge, it will be a long while before we return to the islands and even longer before we move there. But no matter what happens, we will always consider Hawaii our home.

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