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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Found You Again
Dedicated to Myself At Aged 12

Submitted by Jean

we were young then, in last year of elementry school,both were 12 then.Heared from our friend that you liked me, secrectly i felt the same,...after gradution, we went to different schools and we never talk to one another again,.it became my ever first regret,the times we have together in that old school were the best times i ever had in my period of education. 6 yrs later,..about a week after my 19th birthday, i found your name on the internet, replied and we started dating immediatly,..though now we are still young,..i do hope that this second chance let me have more understanding about you ,..and our relationship would last, 50 years later, us both on a beach in Hawaii,..hand in hand,...

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