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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaiin Dreams
Dedicated to Keone (Johnny)

Submitted by Jeanne

When my brother John was 19 he moved to the Big Island. It was 1968. John was a hippie/student and the best-looking most fun-loving guy you would ever want to meet. He wrote a letter to my mom that Winter when she was struggling down the icey, windy streets of Boston working a drudgery type job as a secretary. She decided, after reading this letter, that her dream was to visit this island.

So, at the age of 48, she packed her bags and embarked on a journey to the Big Island. She encountered wonderful people, embracing the culture and the goddess Pele. She made Hawaii her home and although she returned to the mainland, the Island was to remain the home of her heart.

On her first trip there she met a local named Bill who, like many residents, was full of joy and had a loving spirit unlike any she had known before. They fell in love. Through him she learned new rhythms, new songs, and a new love of life. The ocean, the beauty, the rainbows, the orchids all conspired to make her dream a reality.

She told me these stories. They slid into my heart and lay dorment for many years. I was studying at Berkeley and I had little use for my mother's tales of love. Yet they had taken root and now, as a woman who has lived a little, I appreciate what she gave me--a hunger for beauty that can renew a winter spirit, the ability to see the rainbows of the Big Island and to have hope for beauty, balance and warmth.

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