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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Angel on the shore
Dedicated to Rich

Submitted by Rose

On the heavenly shores of Hawaii, I met an Angel... His name was Rich, and he was not wearing wings but he swept me away with just a smile. I tell people I fell in love right then, but the fact is, I think I loved him before I met him because he is a dream come true

It was my first trip overseas and I was scared and unsure. He listened, never tried anything sleazy and he stayed by my side. After 3 weeks of Bliss and happiness, It was time for me to go back to Australia and Him to go back to Los Angeles. My heart was broken completely and even though we vowed to one day be together, I still cried the whole way home. Tears would just fall from my eyes as I thought about him at the airport waving me off. He was everything I wanted and never believed was real and now it was over. Would I ever see him again? When I arrived home, My parents greeted me at the airport and I told them all about this man who had stolen my heart. They we're so happy but like everyone they doubted it was anything more than a holiday fling.

Rich called the moment I walked in the door, And he called and called and called and finally. after 5 months of being apart and talking on the phone everyday , Rich came to see me in Australia, My family loved him and my friends adored him. When Rich left Australia, We vowed once again to be together and so far we had managed to keep our promises. We called each other 2 times a day and our phone bill became more and more expensive. Finally It was my turn and so after 4 months of being apart again I flew to Los Angeles to meet his family and I loved each and every one of them. It was at the end of the trip when Rich and I decided that our long distance love could not go on and so we did what any one would in our case. I went back to Australia and made plans to begin my new life. I had said my goodbyes to all that I was and even though it was going to be hard to be far away from my love, I knew I had no choice. 8 long months went by, and I had held my promise close to my heart and the day had finally come for me to set it free. I was once again in Hawaii, Only this time I was not alone. I was surrounded by my family and friends and standing before me was the man I loved and together we made a new promise as we became husband and wife. Don't ever stop believing in fairy tales because they do come true if you believe hard enough.

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