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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Let's Try This Again
Dedicated to Joey

Submitted by Meredith

We met through my brother about five and a half years ago. He had a girlfriend so we were only just friends for a while. The other problem was the 200 miles between us. We finally figured it out juggling my teaching career and his dirt bike racing career. Eventually he moved down by me and moved into my parents house in my brother's old room because my parents wouldn't allow us in the same room to sleep. So we finally bought a hud home and started planning the wedding. We were to be married in Malibu on the beach with 200 of our friends and family. About a week and a half before the wedding Joey got really cold feet and decided he couldn't go through with it. I was devistated. I had spent a year planning my dream wedding, not to mention the money my parents had already put down on deposits. I cried while he took his dog and drove up to his home town to attend his dad's wedding. Meanwhile my mom hesitantly sent out letters letting our family and friends know that the wedding was canceled. I called the travel agent and canceled our Bahama honeymoon of which I only got half of our money back. Sunday evening Joey came home and had a whole new attitude about marriage. He said he had talked to people and realized that his feelings were just normal nervous feelings. I had too much pride and was too hesitant to marry him at this point, even though he offered to call everything back on for the next weekend. So we decided to go to marriage counciling and try and work it out. Four weekends later we eloped on the beach in Santa Barbara by ourselves. It was the most romantic, perfect wedding I could have dreamed of. My dream wedding came true and it ended up being nothing like I had always dreamed of. Now I would like to be able to go on a honeymoon, but I feel guilty doing so without paying my parents back. We only have money to pay them back or go on our honeymoon. I never could have imagined that I could be this happy in my marriage. It is strange how sometimes you have to go through really hard times before things can get better. I thank God that we canceled the first wedding and reassessed our relationship. Now if we could celebrate our love with a honeymoon in Hawaii my dream wedding would really be complete.

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