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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Lucky HulaGal
Dedicated to My Late Husband

Submitted by Karen

It was September 21, 1964 as I walked up the steps to an apartment in Waikiki with my penpal from Ohio. She was on her way to visit her new boyfriend who was a navyman living with other airmen. As I walked in the room, I saw this gorgeous hunk of a guy and immediately, I said to myself -- this is the guy I am marrying -- 3 months later, we were engaged -- and 3 months after that, and we were married.

He was from California but we were married in my homeland, Hawaii. He brought me to California where we raised 4 children and were married 32 years before he passed away in 1997 after being ill for 5 years. We had 8 grandchildren at the time (10 now).

We had traveled back to Hawaii to visit family off and on, but as often as we would have liked. When he died, he decided he wanted his ashes to go with mine to the warm waters of his other love, Hawaii.

Not long after he died, I met another wonderful man in California who had never been to Hawaii. So - for his birthday, I took him with me to Hawaii to see my home and family. He was so impressed with the islands and fell in love with me as well as Hawaii.

We had a wonderful vacation and I feel that God brought me back to my homeland to fall in love again. Hawaii is not only my home, but my home of love. Here I have found love in 2 men, each of whom love the islands.

This year, I will be going home to spend my first Thanksgiving (or any holiday for that matter) with my family since 1965! It would be wonderful to be able to spend Christmas of 2004 there as well!

Hawaii- land of Love and Aloha -- the spirit lives on in all of your children.

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