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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

That night after a fight!
Dedicated to My sailor MJM.

Submitted by Tiffaney

On December 31,1996 in Waikiki Hawaii, I met you by coincidence. I chased you almost 2 blocks befor I caught your attention. Just to find out that we are from the same place. So not even 20 minutes later you were in a fight. And I began to cry beacue you are not that big, and I was worried that you might get hurt. So you grabbed my hand and he just began to walk. We walked and talked until you had duty the next morning. We became the best of friends and I had to leave.

But those nights in Hawaii will always be my favorites.I never forgot about you or any of the things that we did.

So on April 11, 2003, I got the best email of a lifetime. From a sailor fighting in Enduring Freedom, little did I know that it was the sailor who had stolen my heart.Now that we have found each other again, I made a vow never to lose you again.

So to the sailor who had given me so many memories and a wonderful friendship, I want to give you something.

My heart, my hand, and all of my love forever.

Will you be mine always and forever?

Tiffaney R. Greggs

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