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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

The longing
Dedicated to Family

Submitted by Monte

It started the year our family moved to Alaska, after my father, a career Army Officer, had requested Hawaii as his next duty assignment. Well we managed to be there when Alaska became a state. Then Hawaii became a state. That didn't change the weather, the location or the distance, but the longing remained. Next I was living in Washington State, hoping to catch a military transport flight to the islands. I guess you could say I wouldn't give up. Each time though, the opportunity melted away due to circumstances beyond my control. Still the longing persisted. As I grew older, and married, the urges grew stronger, get there, see it, enjoy! But alas, it was not to be. In over 40 years, I still have not visited, hugged or embraced her, yet she still beckons to me across the ocean. So near in today's world, yet so far away. Hawaii - the most beautiful and captivating. The place I'm still longing for. This may be my last chance.

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