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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Finding Love in Hawaii
Dedicated to My Special Friend

Submitted by Stephanie

Valerie has always hoped for a Vacation in Hawaii. She often heard her friends described how beautiful the islands are". She longed for a chance to be there and experience the Hawaiian Islands for herself.

Valerie is a single mother of two and would never dream of going anywhere without them or spending so much for herself.

After a very tired day of work, Valerie was walking to her car and saw a flyer on her windshield. Before she crumbled it up, something caught her eye, the flyer read "Hawaii Contest". The flyer said that entering the contest was easy, all that one had to do was submit an essay, love story or poem to win. Valerie laughed and said, " none of which I can do". She thought about it all the way home. And while stuck in traffic, horns honking, gas fumes all around her, and late to get home, she got a little angry and said to herself, "why not"?

Valerie was the kind of woman who, when she put her head to something, she usually got things done....and done right.

After more than an hour on the road, she got home, fed the kids dinner and gave them baths, the whole time thinking about that flyer. She sat down on the couch starring at this piece of paper that someone put on her car. She always doubted herself but something made her sit down and start writing.

She didn't know where to begin, what to say or how to explain her feelings on how she wanted to be in Hawaii.
She decided it should be a love story and it began like this...

She was on a beach in Hawaii dressed in a white sundress, long to the sand. She loved the way the cool sand felt on her feet. She gazed into the ocean as the moonlight reflected off the water. She felt beautiful, so peaceful, breathing in the ocean air.

She began walking along the beach, she saw a man walking toward her. He was alone too, and it seemed that he was taking in the beauty of the surroundings as she was.

As they walked past each other, they looked into each other's eyes, and both smiled with a slight smile, nothing big. Valerie wasn't they type to be flirtatious but she did glance in his direction as she walked past him.

Then she did something that she would never in a million years have done at home, she stopped and turned around and walked toward him.

She introduced herself to him, his name is Jerry, and he is there for a little getaway himself. He is 6'0" tall and has the most amazing blue eyes. They talked for hours on the beach, and he asked her to the hotel for a drink. They headed back to the hotel restaurant. They sat at a quiet table and continued to talk, as if they have known each other their whole lives. Valerie had not felt so comfortable with a man in such a long time. It was getting late and she knew she had to get up for a tour of the Island. She had asked Jerry if he wanted to join her, he said, "he would love to". They made plans to meet in the lobby at 8:00am, and they said good night.

Valerie was in the lobby at 8:15am, she was upset that she was late, she is always on time. There was no sign of Jerry, could he have gotten on the bus already? As she walked onto the bus and looked for him. She saw no sign of him, she thought to herself, he probably changed his mind, and she felt upset. She was about to take a seat on the bus and she heard her name called out. It was Jerry, as she turned around Jerry was standing there with a basket and asked her to take a tour of the islands on their own. He rented a small, charted plane and they headed to the outer Islands... it was perfect.

They found a nice little spot on the beach to have a picnic; Jerry packed wine, cheese and fruits, all of Valerie's favorites. This was a perfect day for the two of them of which Valerie will cherish for a long time.

They both had a few more days left and they spent them together. Valerie has been alone for a long time and had finally found love again. To her, Hawaii will always be the most beautiful place in the world.

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