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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Not always a 'once in a lifetime'.
Dedicated to W. Bryan Jackson

Submitted by Michele

When I was 12 my parents relocated our entire lives. I left my friends, and my 'boy-friends' behind. I thought life would be know in a 12 year olds mind it was tragic. In the winter that year I saw some kids out playing on a hill. I dressed and went out to 'walk' the circle. As I walked one yelled..."HEY". So I went over to them and began to talk. Two boys, were there the one who yelled(Bryan), and one who was real shy(Travis). Eventually, I started seeing Travis. We grew close, while Bryan remained a friend. Even after my family and I moved again, Bryan continued to visit with me. All through high school, and the first two years after, Bryan kept in contact. The last time I saw him, he'd come to visit me and I brushed him off as I was preparing for a date. I never saw him again... Ten years later, I'd been divorced, and had moved out on my own in a near by town when I ran into Bryan again. It was if he'd always been there. He told the people I was with about things I would do, and my personality and I thought to myself... How does he know me so well? He told me also about the last time we saw each other... how he'd come with a diamond ring in his pocket, and how he had planned on asking me to marry him that night, and I brushed him off. I called him later that week, and we started dating in 1999. We've been together since that time. We married in 2001 and have 2 children of our own. Add those to my two children, and one of his and we're a large family with 5 kids. We've talked about travelling across to Hawaii and have watched as my parents go to Hawaii on their 40th anniversary for their honeymoon they never had. Someday, we hope maybe on our 40th, we'll finally get our dream honeymoon as the one place everyone must see. Hawaii. We've had a rough go of it since we got married in 2001. Between custody for our other children, and a house settlement and two loss of jobs, but we are survivors and we continue plugging along. We've got our chance for true and lasting love. There is a second chance for love. Sometimes it is right in front of your face...all you have to do is open your eyes.

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