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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Our Dream Vacation # 2
Dedicated to My Children

Submitted by Ruth

I first met him online and we had similar work bacgrounds. As the time went by and we got to know eachother better (me being single and mother of my 2 teens, him recently divorced). He continuely asked If I would go to Hawaii with him. Finally I gave in to this sweetheart of a guy. Well we went to Hawaii for 2 weeks after our meeting and have seen eachother since every couple months for 3 or 4 days at a time as well as him calling me 2 or more times durring the day. He wants to go to Hawaii again in 2004. Ive been a single, sole supporting mom since 1990 and this is the first honorable man I have met. Hawaii was like a dream vacation for both of us. He paid for everything when we were in Hawaii except I did pay my airfare as I am pretty independent that way. I would LOVE to go to Hawaii again with him next year but as I am still pretty independent, I thought if I won this contest I wouldn't have to worry so much about being so independent and paying my own way again. Untill I met Tom I never knew I was so deserving of so much!

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