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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

"Home in Hawai'i"
Dedicated to my "aiga", friends and to Papa

Submitted by Evelyn

"Are they here yet? Did it, did it, did the plane fly in yet?" Were my frantic questions to mom and dad as I raced up and down the baggage claim aisle? For the first time ever Mama and Papa were coming to visit us from the island of Samoa. It was their first time on the plane and here they were coming to the paradise island of Hawaii. What were we going to do? Where would we go? Were only some of the questions that I could remember. I was only eight years old when this historic event took place. At last Mama and Papa came out. Exhausted and still excited to see their grandchildren they ran and embraced us with open arms. They were only here for a few weeks so every minute was precious.

The next morning dad decided that instead of some hardy, healthy Apple Jacks, he would give us some mushy breakfast that I later learned was called Oatmeal. One taste of it and I about died. "This taste like NyQuil!" I whined. Dad with a stern look on his face says, "No one leaves the table until your bowl is clean!" Papa smiled at me from across the table and when daddy turned around he switched our bowls. I jumped up from my seat kissed him on his forehead and was off to meet my sisters and Mama who were outside. The next few weeks were spent going to the famous Pali Lookout, the Polynesian Culture Center, and just endless nights of stories.

On July 11, 2001, Papa passed away suddenly. I was still in Hawaii packing my things and ready to go see him. The day my flight was leaving I received the call that Papa had made his trip to Heaven. The day of his funeral as I leaned over to kiss Papa on his forehead memories of our last moments flooded through me and I couldn't control my feelings. "Papa please come back, I'll eat all the Oatmeal and let you go play. Please come back!" My father with all his might pulled me away so that they could close the casket. Since their trip to Hawaii I never kept my promise to Papa to bring him back again to the islands. I never got to make it in time to see him one last time.

It's been two years since Papa has left me physically, but the pain is just like the first moment I found out. The grief is stronger and still holding a void in my heart. Papa is a great man and I'm grateful that although our last moments were twelve years ago, it happened in Hawaii and since Hawaii is my home his present lingers with me here in the island. For that special moment here in Hawaii, I will forever be thankful to the island.

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