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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Island Paradise
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Susan

I am writing this without the knowledge of my husband. In August, we will have been married for 35 years. We have dreamed about going to Hawaii for our wedding anniversary this year but things just aren't going the way we planned. As can often happen, plans go awry. The steel company my husband works for has been laying their workers off about one week a month. This just wasn't in the plan! To dive in the blue waters of Hawaii was!

My husband and I met when we were both in high school. He was a sophomore and I was the older woman. I was a senior. Before I fell "madly in love," I used to think this "boy" was a show-off. He would drive around town in his daddy's red Super Sport and he seemed to always be speeding. My girlfriend and I would sit out on my parent's front porch and make fun of him and his girlfriend, who happened to live across the street from me. And, "oh my gosh," one of my best girlfriends dated him a few times and told me that he "French kissed!" Well, I just thought that had to be the grossest thing! It was enough to make me turn him down for a dance at our Homecoming the following fall. I guess all it took to change my mind, was for him to seem concerned about me during our first hour art class the next year. He sat at the table behind me. One morning, following a fight with my mother, I was pretty down in the dumps and he actually noticed. Maybe, because I was one of 10 kids in a family, made me lacking for attention so when he asked me "what was wrong?" I was appreciative of him noticing me. I soon learned that he was a very caring guy and it wasn't long before I did dance with him!

We were married at the ages of 17 and 18. Since we were so young, my parents weren't too enthused about us getting married and did not appear at our little wedding. We were married at his sister's house in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and they turned their house over to us for the night. That was our "honeymoon." Steve, my husband, had been working for a little while for the railroad. Back when we were young, jobs were plentiful and there wasn't the everyday threat of a plant closing like there is now. Before he was hired at the steel mill, he had several jobs and I went to school to be a hairdresser and worked at that profession for 20 years. I have since quit doing hair and have gotten a job as a secretary in a lawyer's office.

We will keep the dream going and hope to eventually get to our "island paradise" and have the honeymoon we didn't get to have.

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