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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to Eugenia J. Low

Submitted by Jeffrey

I recently had the opportunity to visit with my daughter who was working as a medical intern at Tripler Hospital in Honolulu. This was my first visit back to Hawaii in nearly thirty years. I was walking on Waikiki beach early one morning, staring out into the horizon, watching the sunrise and thinking back some thirty years, to the year 1972. My wife, taking charge immediately after we said our "I do's", decided that we would go to Hawaii for a romantic honeymoon. Staying at one of the hotels located along the beach, we would get up early every morning and take a sunrise walk on a sleeping Waikiki Beach that was void of people and activity. Walking hand in hand, we would smell the fresh crisp ocean air, dance along the shoreline letting the cool ocean waves splash gently on our feet, and listen to the sounds of a city waking up for another day. This was also our quiet time of the day, where with the beach as a backdrop, we had the opportunity to be alone to talk about our future and discuss the planning of our family. It was a beautiful setting and an exciting period of my life. Those mornings spent on the beach remain as one of my fondest memory. My wife past away about eight years ago, but for that brief moment, with a slight breeze blowing in my face, I felt her presence on the shores of Waikiki and all was well again. I will always cherish the memories of the time spent on my first visit to Hawaii.

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