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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Don't know what you got untill ...
Dedicated to Mandy

Submitted by Mandy

It realy is true ... you realy don't know what you got untill it is gone ...

I realized quickly that going our separate ways was probably the worst decision we had made ... I had a hard time going on with my life, I kept wondering if he was okay and if he had a new person in his life... I use to wonder if he had thought of me over the past year or was I now a closed book in his life ?
What was I to do ? Just show up and tell him that he is still in my dreams and still in my heart ? No, I could not ... just show up there without a reason. Little did i know, a couple of days later Iheard a contest on the radio. They were waiting for people to phone in and tell us about there worst brake-up I decided to call and tell them about why me and Martin broke-up ... they asked a couple of questions and asked me if, if I had a chance to be with him again some day , would I ? I said without a doubt !!! They asked me if they could call him to ask him some questions... I said yes, my heart was racing !!! When we were of the air I gave them Martin's phone number and they managed to contact him. They explained to him that they would like to ask him some questions on the air about his worst brake-up. Martin agreed to answer some questions. On the air, they asked him about it and to my surprise he told them that he would have changed alot of things and that if he had done so we might still have been together... they asked him if he knew if his ex-girlfriend still loved him ... Would you go back ? I thought I was dreaming when I heard him say ... I would be the happiest man on earth ... Well that did it for me, I was crying my eyes out and say out loud I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART !!! Then I realized that he did not even know I was there and that I could hear everything !

The radio station guy,Chris, told Martin that I was now on air with them and that I was still thinking about him . Martin seemed surprized ,nervous but happy ... Chris reminded us that this was a contest ... I forgot all about that ! He started to say that the first couple that would want to get back together was the winner of the contest, and that we would have to accept the prize together ! He asked us if we agreed , after a couple of seconds of silence we both said YES ... Chris said well I guess i'm proud to say on behalf of myself and the radio station you will be able to rediscover your love in the most beautifull and romantic place on earth ... because we are sending you both to the Island of Oahu, Hawaii !!!

I was so excited !!!
We called each other often and solved lots of so called problems before going on our trip ....
We realy did go and had a wonderfull time
I'm now waiting for the arrival of our little hawaiian wonder and we plan on getting married sometime next year !

Just goes to show you that we have to appreciate everyone and everything around you ... because you realy don't know what you got untill it is gone !!!

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