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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Before Hawaii
Dedicated to My stepfather Einar (Olie) Carlson

Submitted by Diana

I have always had a love for lakes, streams and the ocean. Where ever I went if there was water I was by it. After rain storms one could find me splashing in the rain water or fishing for leaves.

Even though I loved the water I was also frightened by it to a degree because of what seemed to be an almost drowning and a tangle with the weeds.

At about the age of 11, my friends and me started attend the corner movie house. It was at one of these movies that I first saw Esther Williams. Here she was in this beautiful lightly coloured water making all these great moves. All I could think of was that one day I would like to swim like Esther Williams. To watch her move in the water looked so easy. Esther Williams was to stay in the back of my mind for some years to come.

When I was about twenty six I had an opportunity to go camping at the Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada. Here we were on a small Island with all this beautiful clear water all around us and all I could do is look at it as I was to afraid to go into it.

I will never forget that time as I had such a desire to be in it but all I could do is sit and look at it. This is when Esther Williams came back to my mind and I could see her swimming in the lake. It was a sad time when it was time to leave as I hadn't gotten in the water. To this day I can still see the beauty of the water and its suroundings.

By this time Hawaii was the place to go on vacation. Hawaii became the dream vacation, that I would surely go on one day.

At the age of forty nine I decided that I would learn to swim and I did. I went to a local pool with water that looked like the sea in Hawaii. I first swam at the edge doing half a lap and then a full lap going up to forty laps none stop as well as having moved to the middle of the pool. I felt very good and was sure I would one day swim in Hawaii. By this time I also had the desire to snorkell as well so as to see all the beautiful sea life such as a sea horse.

Time went on and and the oppotunity finaly came for that long awaited trip. A friend, who was living in Hawaii, on one of the small Islands, asked if I would visit. All I needed was the air fare which could have been gotten with air miles, I was so excited and then devastated when my then husband said no (you can't go). The disapointment stayed with me to this day. Then this same friend had decided to move back to Canada but before doing so invited me once more. By this time I was staying with and looking after and elderly lady and being that I could not find a replacement I had to decline the invitation.

Now I am sixty five with the same dream. In my mind I can feel myself in this beautiful warm water looking down at the life below.

Oh how nice it is to have a dream and maybe one day........

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