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Timeless Love

A Wish from Heaven that has came Tr
Dedicated to Bd Root

Submitted by Linda

I married the most wonderful man any woman could ask for, he is my second husband, the first cheated on me, and we divorced. My husband now is named BD Root, his first wife was like my exhusband a cheater. So,after a couple of years of being single we met! They say a good man is hard to find,we'll I feel so fortunate, I feel I found that man..He has all the qualities that that I've admired since I, gave him my heart. He has honestly, kindness, and generosity.He goes beyond mere word to show his love for me and our children.The days he makes me grateful with his friendship and his laughter, and he shows me that I have definately found my happy ever after. I know I made a wish one night that God must have heard, because not only did he bless me, but he blessed us. Our children are each from the first marriage, one is 17yrs.old and the other is 43yrs.old. While we were dating Our 17year old had to go through open heart surgey (then he was 8yrs.old) BD informed me he would sell everything he had to, to make sure Chad would be taken care of. From the beginning we made sure we were Best Friends, and we feel without LOVE, Friendship and Trust there is no marriage. We have Never had a fight..... NEVER!!! I married a definate blessing and I am very rich because of BD's love. I am definaetly one very LUCKY person and I THANK GOD evey moment avaliable. I am wanting to win this for BD because he was station in Hawaii for many years and he wants to go back for one more vacation before anything happens to one of us. I would like to make it our 9 year anniversary honeymoon.... Our first honeymoon was June 17, 1995, and we took Chad to Walt Dinsey World for our honeymoon. We felt that Chad was part of our marriage so he would share the memories of our honeymoon. BD has been such a wonderful influence for Chad that Chad wrote a essay about Bd for Fathers Day and he won second place for Father of the Year Award.... We're defintely are Blessed....and defintely greatful that God has made this wonderful man to be a part of our life...

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