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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Thank You, Hawaii
Dedicated to Ted

Submitted by Donna

What is it, Hawaii? What do you do to us? Your beauty and tranquility never cease.

You smile upon all who step upon your soil. You gaze at us with the innocence of love's first glance.
You allow the heart to flow trustingly to others. Even the most unwilling souls succomb to your gentle persuasion of love.

How do you do it?

How do you take a weatherer of time, scarred by life's defeats and disappointments, heartbreaks and humility, and create an angel of hope? Is it your gentle warm tropical breezes that envelope our soul and persuade us so? Or perhaps it is the essence of your elaboate blossoms that unknowingly intoxicate us each time we breath, as if each breath is an arrow carefully aimed from cupids bow.

Whatever it is that you do, dear, sweet, Hawaii, and however it is that you do it...matters not as much as the fact that you do! You offer those who are fortunate enough to stand upon your shores a second chance to love, a second chance to live, a second chance to know that existing is more than breathing in and out, oh yes, so much more! And for that we fall upon our knees and humbly lower our heads and graciously smile to you, Hawaii. With eyes filled with tears of incredible hope, unconditional love, and eternal gratitude, we say, "Thank you!"

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