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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The Love of my Life
Dedicated to Craig Smith

Submitted by Christine

About eight years ago I met Craig. There was this instant attraction. An attraction that I've never felt in my life. Things were very exciting and new at first, but we both got overly involved very quickly. After a few months, we dicided to go our own way. Months passed and we found ourselves back together again, this began the pattern of our relationship. On again, off again. During a off again period, I met another man and soon after married him. Craig followed behind me and also married. A couple of years went by and we lost contact due to the fact that my cell phone was stollen and that was the only way he knew how to reach me. About a year after the phone was stolen, my husband and I seperated. I decided to call the wireless phone company to see if I could get a new phone with my old number. They informed me that the number had already been issued out to someone else. So while on hold with the phone company, I called my old number on another line. To my amazment, I heard my voice mail come on. I checked to see if there were any messages, and there were two from Craig from a couple of days earlier. He left a phone number to reach him in Virgina. I was in shock. This was not the first time that our paths meet in such and unexplainable way. I called the old cell phone number again the next day and it was disconnected. Luckily I wrote down the number Craiged left and called him. An answering machine came on and I hung up. A couple of minutes passed and the secretary at work came to my office and said there was someone on the phone asking for me by my maiden name. It was Craig. He moved back out to California and stayed at my house. It was once again this amazing feeling. We were back together again, and this time we were going to make it work. Well it didn't! Before we knew it, we were arguing constantly about our past. Not the past between him and I, but the past with our significant others. We ended it again, and he moved to Hawaii. Months passed again, with no comunication, and once again our paths crossed. After a couple of trips to see him in Hawaii, we talked about me moving there to live. I loved Hawaii so much, but didn't want to leave everything behind. I thought about all of the times we unexplainably reunited, and decided that it must be meant to be. I packed up my belongings and flew off to Hawaii to the love of my life, leaving all I had and knew behind. That was the biggest step I've ever taken in my entire life. I am back in California now, for some reason, things didn't go as planned. But I can honestly say, I love that man more than I've loved any other. I have thought about him at least once a day since the day we met, and I know that there is some reason why we keep crossing paths. I plan on visiting him as often as I can. To be with the one you love on that beautiful island has got to be the most intense moments that Ive ever had.

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