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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

5 generations visit Hawaii
Dedicated to Tiffany Nicole Link & Lou Marshall

Submitted by Juli

My love of Hawaii will forever be in appreciation of my beloved Grandmother Lou. She loved the islands so much she wanted me to see them too. Sometimes you just "have to" see them in person. I was 9 years old then (the 60's) when I fell in love for the very first time...with Hawaii. I actually had the mumps at that time, but the Dr. let me go, thanks to my Grandma. I think she "willed" them away.

My first time is forever emblazoned in my memories (the stuff of dreams) as I walked off the plane and into the Hawaiian air. It was warm and soft and smelled more wonderful than I could ever imagine. I'll never forget that smell and transcending into "another" world. A world of peace and beauty and warmth and color more than anywhere on earth!

I explored every inch of Hawaii and drank it in with excitement and adventure. I truly loved this island and it's people! I was in a dream state for years hardly being able to wait to go back again. Then we went again and took my Mom JoAnne and my Great-Grandma Dow. They had only seen Hawaii in books. I explored it again and showed them the islands delights with as much if not more of the same fervor as before...I planned on remembering every single moment!

As a special gift from my grandma Lou she sent my sister Luana and me in 1974 for one month by ourselves. We could hardly wait and I still remember counting the days and minutes until we left. I don't ever remember again being that excited. This was my first time to Kona and it became my favorite. I didn't want to go home that time. The islands still held their special wonderment to me.

The story has come full circle. In 1987, I took my daughter at 2 years of age. People said she wouldn't remember it or enjoy it. I knew she would. She explored and experienced Hawaii as I did. We traveled a lot and I still haven't seen the joy as Hawaii produced from her. Today, 16 years later, she "does" remember every moment. We plan to come back as soon as possible. We "miss" the islands, our timeless love affair with Hawaii!

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