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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaii Never Leaves You
Dedicated to Joy

Submitted by Jon

In a moment of quiet, in the midst of a hectic rush hour, my eyes drift to the billboard advertising signs lining the across the hot tin highway. One reminds us to call before we dig, lest we cut the all-important communications lines buried beneath the green, green grass of home. Another touts the rejuvenating virtues of a trip to an urban day spa and grill.


I've heard that word before. It came from my lips one surreal sunset evening as Joy and I gazed out from our condominium balcony to Hanalei bathed in gold. We had just returned from a hike along a twisting, descending path to the Queen's Bath, a natural pool carved out of the lava shoreline by countless waves over countless centuries, where Joy and I stood in the spray of pounding water, renewed our vows and felt the rejuvenation of our timeless love.

The sound of someone honking hauled me across the water and sat me back behind the wheel of my car, my little island of tranquility amidst the claustrophobic congestions of cars and trucks and people pressing homeward.

Even though my moment of reverie had dissolved, I was smiling, content, because you can leave Hawaii, but Hawaii never leaves you. And its spirit will call on you when you need it most. The memories will refresh and recharge and help you make it through the day to day until you find yourself on the phone talking to your travel agent and you hear yourself ask for two tickets to 'paradise'. "Return?" the agent asks, and you stop for a moment and ponder the possibilities.

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