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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Dreams Do Come True!
Dedicated to My Ku'u ipo, Maleko E. Pierce

Submitted by Cheryl

I'm sitting here in upstate New York, watching the snowfall. Physically, I'm thousands of miles away from Hawaii. But, while listening to Hawaiian radio over the Internet, I feel as though I'm back in your beautiful State.

My first trip to Hawaii (June 2002) was a very special and memorable one. My boyfriend, Mark, and I enjoyed the scenic drive up Haleakala Crater on Maui. Once on top, I found the views breathtaking! Being 10,023 feet above sea level and looking out over the Crater was awesome; the muted colors of the terrain were astounding! While trying to take in all of Haleakala's beauty, my boyfriend presented me with a gorgeous diamond ring and proposed! The ride down Haleakala, with a fiance, was even more joyous.

Mark and I met in Kindergarten (35 years ago) and lived 4 city blocks apart. I had a crush on him from Kindergarten through third grade. Growing up in a small city, we went all through school together, but had little conversation and never dated. After graduation, Mark joined the Navy and spent 14 years at Pearl (making him the perfect Hawaiian tour guide), and he spent 6 years in California.

Approximately, 1 1/2 years after Mark left New York State, I began having dreams about him. In my dreams, I never really saw him, I was always looking for him and asking people about him. I remember having at least 1 or more dreams each year.

After 20 years, I searched the Internet for Mark. Several listings came up, so I picked one and sent e-mail. It took a lot of courage to send that e-mail, and I thought, "What if he doesn't write back? What if he is in a serious relationship?" I had reservations to go to Hawaii with a tour group so I used that as an excuse for writing him. I inquired about "must see sites," etc.

The next morning, I signed-on and much to my surprise, Mark wrote back! My heart began beating fast and my stomach was in knots. He offered his home phone number.

We kept contact via e-mail then through phone calls, but I was dating another guy. Come to find out, Mark was retiring with 20 years service and reluctantly decided to move back to NYS. He was due back in five months.

Meanwhile, my tour to Hawaii was cancelled due to lack of interest.

I've been in and out of bad relationships; I even married, then later divorced. But, for some unknown reason, over the years, hearing Mark's name always sent shivers through my body.

Mark came home in August 2002. We hadn't seen each other since school, but quickly bonded and formed a great friendship. Shortly after our 20th high school reunion, we began dating. The rest is history.

Frank Lentriccia says it best, "(A volcano is) the great white hope of the Romantics."

We're thinking of eloping to Hawaii next year! Who says dreams don't come true?!

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